My current body of work is made from slabs of clay and decorated with a unique design reflecting a quiet contemplation of relationships. The vessel forms are a metaphor for the beauty and simplicity of human existence, where relationship with oneself finds its own unique dynamic harmony.

Throughout my creation process, foremost in my mind is the interrelationship of the different elements of the piece, be they structural or decorative. The flow of my designs are a result of my love of geometry, my taiji practice, the interaction of positive and negative space, and the power of angles to create movement and definition. My glazing process, since 2014, begins with hand measuring and mixing my own glaze formulas. When glazing a piece I use both disciplined precision as well as spontaneity to embellish my work.

I enjoy the rhythm of working in clay and relish every opportunity to follow my curiosity. My art work is playfully made with the utmost dedication to quality and attention to detail.

The Art in Progress gallery will give you an idea of the steps involved in creating my artwork.

I invite you to visit my online galleries. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing my artwork and we can arrange the delivery method. I look forward to hearing from you.

In addition to my online galleries, and my home studio, you can also find my artwork at Golden Pine Gallery in Idyllwild, as well as through the Artists Council Online Gallery and periodic Artist Council Exhibitions.

Thank you for visiting my galleries. Enjoy!