Life is constant, yet dynamic and unpredictable. I bring that spirit into my work. In each piece I search for an expression of dynamic harmony. I have been working with slab vessels more recently, though for the previous 25 years, my work had been focused on vessel forms thrown on the potter’s wheel. Each piece is trimmed, carved and textured, titled and signed, bisque fired, glazed, then glaze fired. The vessels aspire to emanate a presence that draws the viewer to examine and explore the markings, the movement, and the messages contained within.

     I was born in Palm Springs, and the desert continues to nourish me with its emptying silence and delicate beauty. In fourth grade I fell in love with clay. My childhood in San Diego near the force of the ocean and charm of the beach brought waves and shell impressions to my work. The study and practice of taiji has brought a subtle Taoist aesthetic to my work, in addition to teaching me to appreciate the gift of apparent repetition. My love of math and geometry has emerged in my latest body of work. Bold lines, vibrant colors, and geometric designs are the main decorative elements of my current body of work, Tribal Art Nouveau. The work is never the same, as I strive for the poetics of balance.

     The beauty of the natural world continues to inspire and invigorate me every day. My fascination with the human experience is a constant source of influence in the decorations and titles of every piece I make. Each piece seems to enter into a dialogue with me, guiding me to new possibilities, and asking age-old questions. I strive to create artwork that is visually dynamic. It is playfully made with the utmost dedication to quality and attention to detail. Within each piece resides a prayer for humanity.

     Please contact me to find out where you can buy my artwork.