Whether you are seeking improvement in your health and well-being, or you are looking for a path out of a health crisis to renewed health, both Reiki and Meditation are useful tools to draw upon. Reiki is a spiritually guided healing and harmonizing energy that promotes deep relaxation and regeneration. Reiki treatments support other health interventions such as exercise, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic manipulations and surgery to name a few. Reiki is beneficial not only to receive, but also to give. As you channel Reiki energy to others, you too receive the benefits of the Reiki energy flowing through you.

     The benefits of Meditation are also shared, for as you learn to quiet your mind, that ability to remain calm can be drawn upon throughout your day, especially as you interact with others. Your capacity to remain calm will have a positive effect on those around you. After many years of studying different forms of meditation, I was introduced to Passage Meditation. Passage Meditation has helped me to develop a clearer understanding of who I am, what mental state I am in, as well as what will lead me to where I envision myself to be. In the Meditation section you will find more resources about Passage Meditation. Whichever meditation path you choose, enjoy the journey!


You are quaffing drink from a hundred fountains: whenever any of these hundred yields less, your pleasure is diminished. But when the sublime fountain gushes from within you, no longer need you steal from other fountains.
~Jalaluddin Rumi