The Traditional Yang Style 8 Posture Form is taught on a weekly basis in person and via Zoom. The 24 Movement Yang Style Short form and the 85 Movement Yang Style Long form will be taught again in the future. The 8 Posture Form, the 24 Movement Form, and the 85 Movement Form are open for all levels of learners. The 32 Movement Yang Style Sword form as well as the 20 Movement Yang Style Fan form will also be taught periodically to intermediate and advanced students.

Classes: IN PERSON CLASSES-$25/group class or $30/individual  in class

ZOOM CLASSES-$10-$15/class

Private Lessons: $100/hour

Retreats/Group Lessons: $150/hour or $400/3 hours

Please see calendar for class times and contact me for additional information and class location.

Sliding scale and partial scholarship available.